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Applied Engineering to the Environment

Applied Engineering to the Environment


The engineering branch of Green Leader is dedicated to research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship (known in Spanish as I+D+i+e) to generate projects and develop services that contribute to the care of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Chile, since 2020, had a law project pending in the National Congress that sets a Framework for Climate Change (known in Spanish as PLMCC). It establishes a carbon neutral goal for the year 2050.

This legislation will have 2 important scopes for Chile:

    1. Update the National Determined Contributions (NDC) in order to reduce the greenhouse gases.
    2. Establish the foundations of a long-term climate strategy.

Chile is the first Latin American country to speak out, through their NDC, on how to address climate action for the new decade.


Why is it important to assume responsibility ?

Because the current ecosystems that exist in the planet and atmosphere cannot compensate for the greenhouse gases’ increasing concentration, producing direct consequences on the environment and humanity. In other words, a climate change.


In 1992, certain countries adhered to an international treaty, called United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), with its purpose being the international cooperation to fight climate change. In 1995, the countries initiated negotiations to strengthen the global solution to climate change, and two years later they adopted Kyoto’s protocol. In the year 2015, the Paris Agreement or Paris Climate Accords was adopted. It sets a new course in the global effort to fight climate change.