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Assets Control


The service consists of the installation of a GSM/GPRS/3G/4G device in the moving or static assets of the company, such as trucks, pickup trucks, machines, wagons, trains, product batches, raw materials, residues containers, etc.

Simultaneously,  the assets being transported to clients could be controlled

Of each asset we could gather information that is wanted to control: speed, movement, distance travelled, times, turn on and off. This information is stored, analysed and real time reports are created with variables that can be filtered. This way we can store and analyse large amounts of data. 


The stored data is entered into a data analysis system. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

As a result, patterns and trends are identified creating automatic predictions quickly and accurately; this will help make better operational decisions. For instance, this will help with establishing speeds in different route points, availability of equipment, operational reprogramming, etc.

 The clients will be able to check online for their transported assets.

Predictions of data (AI)

Better decisions