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Environmental Services


Environmental Services


The environmental services branch of Green Leader includes the provision of services focused on the client developing its business production in compliance with the environmental regulations that govern it.

We have qualified employees with extensive experience for the following services:

  • Administration and handling of temporary hazardous waste yards.
  • Management of industrial, recyclable, reusable and valuable yards.
  • Transportation of industrial and hazardous residues.
  • Environmental emergencies caused by hazardous substances.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of hazardous substances’ tanks.
  • Sanitation and remediation of contaminated soils.
  • Management of the final disposition of residues.

We advise our clients’ environmental area in:

  • DS N°148/2003. Regulation for handling hazardous residues.
  • DS N°298/1994. Transportation of hazardous loads on streets and roads.
  • NCh N°382/1989. Hazardous substances. Terminology and general classification.
  • NCh N°2190/2003. Transportation of hazardous substances. Badges for risk identification.
  • DS N°43/2015. Hazardous substances storage regulation.
  • Ley N°20.920. Framework for the management of residues, extended responsibility to the producer and promote recycling.
  • Ley N°19.300. General bases of the environment.