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Green Leader

Ingeniería, servicios y soluciones ambientales con base en Economía Circular

Green Leader

Sistema web control para la trazabilidad de residuos y activos

Green Leader

Gestión de Residuos Peligrosos e Industriales

Green Leader

Diseñamos y ejecutamos soluciones en Economía Circular

Green Leader

Tecnología e innovación en cada una de nuestras operaciones

Green Leader

La seguridad en nuestras operaciones es una prioridad

Green Leader Environmental & Sustainability Services is one of the leading companies in engineering, services and environmental solutions in the north region of Chile. Its strategic outlook in sustainability is what makes Green Leader stand out by keeping their projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), established by our country’s 2030 agenda, particularly in the Mining and Energy areas.

We design and implement innovative projects and technological solutions that allow the companies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and adapt their processes to climate change, improving their productivity and competences in the market.

Member of:


Applied Engineering to the Environment

The engineering branch of Green Leader is dedicated to research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship (known in Spanish as I+D+i+e) to generate projects and develop services that contribute to the care of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Environmental Services

The environmental services branch of Green Leader includes the provision of services focused on the client developing its business production in compliance with the environmental regulations that govern it.

Close the Loop

The circular economy branch of Green Leader has incorporated the development of Close the Loop in their projects as well as the provision of services, for the purpose of not having any manufactured or imported waste end up in a dump or landfill.

IT Services

The IT services branch is focused on the development and implementation of systems that collect data which is required to be traced or regulated. This information is stored, analyzed and used in dashboards online so it can help with  the decision-making and the regulation of the process.


Hazardous Waste Management

Currently, our main contract, “Handling, transport and management of temporary hazardous waste yard” is with FCAB, part of the group AMSA, for all their industrial facilities in Antofagasta and Mejillones, as well as the different depots in the region. 

Hazardous Waste Management

Contract “Minor Maintenance Service of ISO tanks and Management of Hazardous Acid Waste” for FCAB Maintenance Management.


Environmental Solutions

Creating opportunities for reducing, reusing and recycling, in accordance with the needs and/or requirements of our clients.


Remedies of Contaminated Soil

Disposal and remediation for ground treatments, environmental emergencies,  and/or removal of contaminated materials, in accordance with environmental regulations.

Latest News

Green Leader moves towards certification in ISO standards

Green Leader moves towards certification in ISO standards

The Tri Certification process is part of the strategic goals planned for 2021-2022. A major challenge has begun Green Leader to achieve the triple certification in ISO standards. The purpose is to guarantee standards in the quality management of the operations,...

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