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“Security is a key factor in each and every one of our operations and contracts”

7 Aug, 2021

To encourage and promote security in every operation is the purpose  of Green Leader Environmental Services from Antofagasta. These preventive actions take place to improve the processes and visualize the importance for the company to have the workers perform their jobs in a harmonious, safe and quality environment.

The general manager, Javier Ramírez L, explained “for us the Job Security of our workers is extremely relevant, and we have let them know that. Since the first day they start working, they already own personal protection equipment (PPE), in addition to work procedures and safety regulations for the right performance of their activities”.

One of the general management’s duties is to detect aspects in the operating field that can be improved. “We handle hazardous residues and the security of our workers is important. We believe that security is built together. On one hand, as a company we provide the workers with equipment, procedures and regulations; on the other hand our partners reinforce and increase their security levels by bringing to their minds that occupational accidents are avoidable and that an unfortunate situation like this can change the worker’s life, their families’ and coworkers’ as well”.