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Green Leader

We are one of the main environmental service companies in Northern Chile. We have the exact professionals as required by the industry. Excellence is key in everything we do. We want our clients to lead the production and development with the coveted environmental stamp.



Core Business

  • Handling, administration, and management of hazardous and industrial waste yards.
  • Marketing of industrial and valuable surpluses.
  • Recycling, reuse, and recovery of components.
  • Removal and transportation of industrial and hazardous residues.
  • Applied engineering to the environment (I+D+i+e).
  • Asset management and traceability of the procedure, accessible through applications designed for computers, smartphones, and mobile devices.
  • Dashboard design for management control and information technologies (IT) projects.
  • Energy recovery, determination of the CO2 eq load.

Experience and Certifications

  • Extensive experience in management, handling, and logistics of mining, railway, and acid terminal contracts.
  • Haz Mat Texas USA Certifications for handling of hazardous substances and MATPEL emergencies.
  • Incorporation of the concept of Circular Economy in the services we provide to our industrial and mining clients.
  • Project development for Information Technologies (IT).
  • Currently seeking certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14.001:2015, ISO 45.001:2018.