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Green Leader

We are an engineering company that offers services and environmental solutions, focused on a strategic outlook on sustainability. Our goal is to design innovative and technological solutions that allow the companies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on their processes, improve their productivity and competitiveness in the market.

To consolidate this strategic vision, we have incorporated two new areas: I+D and DTI (siglas en inglés o español?), and Sustainability. Those are coming to enhance our business career and services in the mining area.


Core Business

  • Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management.
  • Recycle and Recovery of Components.
  • Circular Economy.
  • Applied Environmental Engineering (I+D+i+e).
  • Online Assets Tracing and Management
  • Custom Dashboards for Decision-Making and Data Analysis.
  • Energy Valorization, CO2 eq. Determination.
  • ISO Standards Certifications 9.001:2015 | 14.001:2015 | 45.001:2018 (In process).

Human Capital and Certifications

To Green Leader its human capital is a valuable asset, which is why our selection process is thorough when it comes to choosing professionals and supporting teams for our services and advising.

We have professionals with extensive experience in contracts management, particularly in mining, railway and acid workstations. Additionally, we have a Hat Mat Texas USA Certification for Hazardous Waste and Emergencies Management, and staff highly qualified for the development of Information Technology (IT) Projects.

  • Certifications in process: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14.001:2015, ISO 45.001:2018.

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