Since 2015, the strategic environmental partner for mining and industry in the Antofagasta Region

Welcome to Green Leader

Green Leader has positioned itself as a leading company in Environmental Engineering and Services in the Northern Zone of Chile. It has consolidated its strategic vision of Sustainability and a Circular Economy approach.

We are recognized and valued as a company from the regions (Antofagasta Region | 2015) that believes in regional development, the importance of creating social value in the territory, and in the generation of permanent green jobs for its inhabitants.

Green Leader is an expert company in the design and execution of innovative and technologized solutions in the Circular Economy, which contribute to the management of ESG Criteria and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by companies for their operations.

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Our Services

Applied Circular Economy

Focused on sustainability, we promote the reuse, recycling, and valorization of resources, closing cycles of production and consumption to reduce waste. Through innovation and technology, we drive personalized environmentally friendly systems.

Industrial And Hazardous Waste Management

Administration and Handling of Industrial and Hazardous Waste, covering the entire chain from the removal of the generating area, transportation, management of the Temporary Storage Yard, to their transfer to the authorized final destination for disposal.

Online Traceability of Waste and/or Assets

We develop a customized platform for tracking corporate waste and/or assets, integrating environmental indicators that enrich sustainability reports and facilitate environmental decisions.

Adoption And Compliance With ESG Criteria

Our Sustainability Area is composed of an exclusive team of senior experts with the necessary experience to develop precise and effective sustainability plans, compliance, and implementation of ESG criteria.

Last News

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Today, at Green Leader Environmental & Sustainability Services, we highlight #InternationalRecyclingDay, ...
🌱 💼On Labor Day, Green Leader Environmental & Sustainability Services joins the efforts of all workers in the country...
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🌹#InternationalWomen'sDay On this special day, we extend a warm greeting to all women,
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Nuestro CEO Javier Ramírez López comenta -en la última edición de Revista InduAmbiente- cómo las compañías que han implementado un sistema de traza...
“Nuestro propósito es que los residuos que se generan por la Minería e Industria se queden todos en la Región de Antofagasta y no sean enviad...
By Orietta Ramirez. Public Affairs Manager at Green Leader.
Within the framework of COP28, a historic milestone has been achieved with the signing of the Dubai Agreement by 198 nations.
SICEP is a distinctive platform for showcasing the capabilities of certified companies to the country's leading mining and industrial companies.
By Aníbal Chamorro Alcaíno, Chief Sustainability Officer of Green Leader.
Every economic activity or new project requires obtaining various permits, which are governed by the current regulations in each country.
For Green Leader, the current regulatory burden in Chile is poorly calibrated towards SMEs, and there is an urgent need for permitting that encourages the entry of entrepreneurs for greater competitiveness in the market.
According to the Fund Manager, the sector is currently undervalued and there is a significant valuation gap between mining companies, especially those focused on metals such as copper.
By Orietta Ramírez, Public Affairs Manager at Green Leader. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, our everyday actions are being scrutinized more closely than ever before
🙌 From the #CircularEconomy and #SustainableDevelopment🌎our most patriotic greetings on this celebration of Independence Day. Aro, aro, aro…
Promoting the Circular Economy in Antofagasta: Green Leader will reward the winners of the 1st Drawing and Painting Contest 'I Close the Circle.'
On this #MinersDay we want to greet and recognize all the brave men and women in our country working in the mining industry
Our Green Leader sustainability truck is on its way to install 4 recycling stations strategically located in key areas of the Stadium.
We are pleased to announce that we have decided to extend the deadline for the 1st School Drawing and Painting Contest 'I Close the Circle' until...
By Orietta Ramírez, Public Affairs Manager at Green Leader The Chilean economy continues to show signs of cooling, as confirmed by the latest data...
The contest is structured into 3 categories: up to 8 years, 9 to 12 years, and from 13 to 17 years. Creativity will be valued, as well as innovative id...
About Green Leader "If you add to these advantages the growing demand from humanity that urgently needs this noble metal, in addition ...
It is pointed out that this economic sector is one of those with the greatest long-term potential, and Chile has enviable competitive advantages, such as ...
It is pointed out that this economic sector is one of those with the greatest long-term potential, and Chile has enviable competitive advantages, such as ...
Did you know that in the last six years, the global economy has consumed 500,000 million tons more of resources extracted from the planet, which...
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Environmental indicators are a set of measures that allow companies to assess their environmental performance and make informed decisions...
MARCH 08 | On International Women's Day, we want to greet all the women who are part of the Mining Ecosystem, especially our...
Because planning, controlling, and promoting preventive and corrective actions to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases are...
MARCH 01 | #RecyclerDay | Because in the effort to make this world Facebook Twitter LinkedIn a sustainable...
Ximena Ballesteros Suárez, a Forklift Operator at Green Leader, emphasizes that when women aspire to succeed, they find ways to achieve...
FEB 24 | Our CEO, Javier Ramírez López, in the Special Edition 'Circular Economy and Waste' of InduAmbiente Magazine, sharing his...
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#Decarbonization | The United Nations #ONU has chosen #January28 as 'World Day for the Reduction...